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About Us

Based at Harvard University, Black Diamond Capital Investors is the preeminent finance organization on campus, and among the largest and most successful student-run hedge funds in the United States. With its large AUM and small partnership, Black Diamond Capital Investors maintains one of the highest capital-to- investor ratios of any student-run investment fund in the world. Black Diamond employs a broad array of strategies including Equity Long-Short, Equity Special Situations, and Global-Macro to construct a diversified portfolio that seeks relative outperformance of industry benchmarks. The fund retains a research-heavy focus that plays to the academic strengths of its partnership.

Black Diamond actively recruits and selects the most talented students at Harvard through a highly competitive admissions process designed to test investment acumen and holistic fit within the organization.

On an absolute-basis, the fund’s returns have beat the S&P 500 by an average of 7% annually over the past five years. On a risk-adjusted (Sortino) basis, BDC’s returns have beat the S&P 500 by an average of 2.2x over that period.

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